Where my witches at? Oakland’s dance diva Maya Songbird conjures up Maya’s Magic Shop

Already long recognized as one of Oakland’s most inspired – and most danceable – solo artists, Maya Songbird is also causing a buzz with her more recent endeavor: a candle shop, of course. While she has been making candles almost as long as she’s been making music, the candles have only recently graced the public with their presence. And though the two side by side might sound out of place to the, ahem, magically challenged music lover, Maya‘s loyal following of femmes, freaks and witches don’t miss a beat when choosing between a cassette tape or a penis-shaped candle.

“They’re really magic,” show goers would whisper to each other, with a nudge of the elbow and a knowing look. And so, Maya’s Magic Shop quickly became an East Bay legend. Here, we speak with Maya about the history of her candle work and her current inspirations.

When did you start making candles, and what inspired you to do it?

Maya: I started making candles in 2013. A friend helped me start my first batch of unique candles tubes I got from the East Bay Creative Depot. I would use recycled wax and turn them in to masterpieces to sell as merch and a way to keep things flowing in my community. I was inspired because I saw a big vision of helping the world with magic candles. I experienced the magic in candles for myself especially starting in around 2012. Candles are very powerful!

Your candles have a reputation for being super magic. What do they do?

Maya: Each candle has their own purpose and entity. I’m just a conduit for something bigger, which is to help my community. People are mysteriously drawn to them. They call people. It’s weird that they have super magic and I hear the best stories about things that have happened after using my candles. I’m grateful! I’m happy to be a part of the experience.


Maya tabling her magic candles at an event

Are the color symbolism you use based on any particular religion or tradition, or did you assign them yourself?

Maya: Wiccan and Pagan witches and Brujas use the candle colors for spells. The colors each have their entity like if you were to want some lust, passion, romance in your life, you would light a red candle. But we know the red color is the color for just that. And green being for money. The colors speak for themselves.

What are your favorite candles right now, and what are your newest?

Right now I finally was able to build a mold from a new moon shape candle and I am excited about it because it took me a long time to grasp the right way to mold the originated item to become a candle. And that newest candle is already causing a stir!

Is there anything else you’d like to say?

I would say I love wax. I enjoy when the hot wax touches my skin and  the power when it forms and you are able to manipulate it. I’ve been making these magic candles since forever this is literally a past life Resurfacing  and I’m here for it! People can purchase online at www.mayasmagicshop.com but notaflof. Message me if you need a care package, not just during a pandemic either.  If you need some Magic, I’m always here to help! I also make customs and ship internationally. Thank you.

A sampling of candle designs from Maya’s Magic Shop

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