Friday I’m in Love: Obscura Undead’s virtual nightclub might be the best club night of 2020

Photo by Six Bells Chime Art and Photography

Obscura Undead, Florida’s popular gothic news website and dance club promotion company, has launched a unique way of keeping their fans and friends occupied in the past month. Band livestreams and Twitch DJ sets have become more popular in the past month as cancellation of events seems to become semi-permanent and more and more cities undergo COVID lockdown. But Obscura Undead, known for finding creative ways of delivering news, discussion and entertainment (see their YouTube and Livestream series covering anything from reviews to roundtables on sexuality and goth or gatekeeping and elitism), have once again come through with a compelling concept to keep their devotees engaged and connected.

The Obscura Undead crew at BatHaus, Lozer Lounge (Pompano Beach, FL)

Organized by DJs Azy and Maus, Obscura Undead now delivers a weekly live-streamed full club experience, with five rooms of music, fundraising, and shots for the DJs. Virtually attended by, in some cases, over 500 clubgoers, the Friday night event’s popularity has surprised even the organizers.

DJ Azy states, “When we came up with the idea for our virtual nightclub, it was a way to keep ourselves and everyone entertained and distracted from all the sudden tour cancellations. And just as suddenly, we found our venues shut down and our friends on the industry out of work and hurting. We’re not unique in this, I still expect the situation to get much worse, but we realized we’re in a position to actually help beyond just entertainment, even if just a little.”

And it seems as though Obscura Undead have met their goal. With attendees sharing photos of themselves, helping to create a real club feel, in some ways the difference in experience has been positive. DJ Azy explains, “”It was fun, but not for the reasons I expected! It’s such a weird thing not being able to see everyone in person. But I got to actually interact with everyone way more than spinning in a club. No shouting over the music to chat, and sharing with everyone why we liked what was playing. People showed up from everywhere… I opened a Discord for the nights too and it’s been amazing watching people connect and share music with each other.”

A few of Obscura Undead’s Virtual Nightclub attendees

DJ Azy adds, “I hope we that we can support each other through this, to help each other feel not quite so alone, to give what we can where we can, and come out of this stronger and more interconnected than before.”

The event live streams every Friday at 9:00 EDT.

RSVP and attend the event here:

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