Exclusive Premiere: Headboggle x Malocculsion break down the end times in “The Collapse”

Headboggle x Malocculsion, two solo experimental artists of Oakland’s Ratskin Records roster, premiere a new video for their collaborative work “The Collapse”. Falling somewhere sonically between a haunted circus organ and the TV in Poltergeist, “The Collapse” combines post-apocalyptic sounds enmeshed in whimsically bright tones.

Directed by Malocculsion and created under quarantine conditions, the video combines images of the artists’ instruments with abstracted imagery culled from the close quarters of their own homes. What could be a sink splash, fire hose, or a lava eruption is interspersed with what could be a drop of ink – or is it oil, or perhaps blood? A layer of dual rectangles – that’s right, rectangles – holds translucent red images of the artists’ hands that recalls 80s pulp horror, and sits uncomfortably atop a set of blurry, lonely skeleton fingers. In that uneasy moment, the viewer is forced to consider the corporate takeover of not only basic goods, but most forms of art and spirituality, and the effects on human life and death in its wake.

The artists state: “We wanted to create a visual world that represent the chaos, absurdity, surrealism, and banality of everyday life in capitalism, but would also allow the viewer to project their own interpretation and narrative for the worlds we’re trying to create. Death and life oscillate like a flipping switch, so make sure you project the world you want to live in, at least for three minutes.”

The dark, cinematic and at times mirthful sounds of “The Collapse” highlight the duality of existence and the chaos of current life under late stage capitalism. “Sometimes things are collapsing so fast,” Malocculsion states, “that all you can do is laugh.”

Headboggle x Malocculsion originally released The Collapse EP in the summer of 2019 as an exclusive item for their 3 week “Phonic Tour”. The artists plan to release a subsequent collaborative EP this summer.

Stream the video here:

And check out the rest of The Collapse EP here:

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