Quarantine Music Mixes 1

There’s nothing to do. There’s no shakin that ass at the club — not even sparsely placed goths, quite used to dancing 6 feet away from each other, can be found waving their spidery limbs in our midst. There’s no greetings at the DIY spot, no hugging friends, no drunken spittle flying through the air as we try to shout over “Lucretia My Reflection”.

But our DJs have in some ways, and in many years, been the thread that binds the goth culture between eras. They have always helped maintain consistency, quality and relevance between revivals. And they are hard at work. Below is a list of mixes created by DJs under quarantine, as a service to us all. So go ahead, pull up those fishnets, cateye those lids, Lysol the locks on your door, and have your own party. And when this strange time is over, don’t forget to head down to your local goth club nights to support the DJs who got you through it.

DJ Starr (The Cauldron, Oakland, CA)

DJ Sean Templar (The Red Party, NYC)

DJ Finster (Vienna, Austria)

Aleph Kali (Oakland, CA)

DJ Rickbats (San Antonio, TX)

DJ Lady Grey (Sacramento, CA)

Cavey Nik (London, UK)

Nick Copernicus (Oakland, CA)

Rodney Anonymous (Stocksbridge, UK)

DJ Dragnet (Almere, Netherlands)

DJ Polina Y

DJ Christabel & DJ HTR (Tijuana, MX)

Pilgrims of Yearning (Boston, MA)

Ursa Mormont (Oakland, CA)

DJ Pupshaw (Oakland, CA)

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