Punk Fashion Forecast: Bleach Splatter is IN (again!)

In 2018 and early 2019, punk saw a surge of acid wash and bleach splatter looks. But as 2020 roared in, it started fading away, as bleach splatter does, in favor of 80’s brights and back to the basic black. It seemed on the verge of obsolescence: bleach splattered Aaliyah T-shirts showed up at Ross (granted, a good find, but you get my point), and bleach splattered Bandcamp t-shirt sales started to drag.

But with the onset of COVID-19 pandemic and the increased necessity of hygeine and constant disinfection, bleach now asks punks and goths to make a harrowing decision: Would you rather die, kill someone you’ve never met, or not wear all black?

The punk thing to do is, of course, to not be a selfish bastard, and function has always guided fashion to at least some degree. As we do our part to self-isolate, social distance, clean and disinfect, we will splash bleach on our clothes, whether we like it or not. So let’s get used to it. Here, we survey the best bleach-splatter clothes to be found on Bandcamp, Instagram and Etsy:

Paralisis Permanente tee by bleachmayhem (Etsy)

Crass tee by chaleurviolettethreads (Insta)

Audodidactic “How to Kill Cops” tee by calaverapunks (Insta)

Siouxsie Spellbound tee by bleachmayhem (Etsy)

Ötzi tee by Ötzi (Bandcamp)

Ramones tee by descontrol_shop (Insta)

Goonies leopard and bleach splatter denim jacket by creepydoll81 (Insta)

Alien Sex Fiend tee by pifferooni (Insta)

Black Flag tee by massthrifty (Insta)

Bruja tee by ScoutSoo Creatives (Etsy)

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