Mystic Priestess cut through the haze in "Smoke and Mirrors"

Photo credit: Bailey Kobelin

Oakland deathrockers Mystic Priestess, known for their highly-charged live show and unique take on deathrock, stun loyal fans and new listeners alike with the first single from their newest EP, “Smoke and Mirrors.” At the forefront of the track is guitarist Winter Zora’s piercing, unforgettable guitar leads that dance just beneath the shouts and chants of singer Sierra Rose. Ethereal synths seem awash with the echoes of mournful meditation, while the driving bassline and furious beat ground the sound in an unapologetic and unyielding stance.

“‘Smoke and Mirrors’ is a high voltage track about heightened awareness of emotions and not doubting our intuitions and gut feelings despite the stimulating distractions we’re told to believe otherwise,” explains Winter Zora.

Singer Sierra Rose adds, “It’s a reflection on standing for what you believe in and not letting lower energies disempower you. It’s about finding the strength to heal and to know what is real.”

Amidst such turbulent times, their track is energizing and anthemic, serving as a reminder that the magic within will serve as your own guide.

Stream the song here:

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