Welcome to Cryptic Species

Hello. If you’re reading this, you might be in the Bay Area. You might be on lockdown and unable to leave your home due to COVID-19. So are we. Or you might be somewhere else in the world, and driven by an insatiable desire for new music, new art, new ways of looking at life.

We’re deathrockers, goths, punks, whatever you want to call us. Are there enough sites devoted to dark music? Probably. Do they cover everything we wish were covered? No. Some music and some art doesn’t conform to specific genres and styles, which other sites cover very well and with discerning taste. But we are freaks who like all kinds of freakish things. So under isolation, this site was started out of boredom, out of necessity, and out of a need to connect.

Our name, “Cryptic Species,” was inspired by groups of cave spiders around the world which were thought to be one species and looked identical, but upon closer inspection were found to be individual species at the DNA level. For these groups of spiders, some species are only known to exist only in singular caves, and some are found in many. Cryptic species exist in every domain of biological life and show us that we are more individual than we think, that our ecosystems and habitats create more diversity than we can comprehend, and that we are connected solely by the earth.

To be clear, we do not separate the art from the artist. We’re only cover art that is dedicated to a better, less fascist, and less oppressive world. We don’t like bad art or bad politics. We don’t fuck around with edgelord lyrics or garbage snare. We only care about what is vital and what keeps us inspired and alive.

And by the way, when we say “we”, right now that means me, my dog, and two cats. Although that might change in the future.

For now, keep it real, keep it goth, y’all.

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